Former Economic Development Director and Businessman Jeff Landry Releases Fifth TV Ad: “Field of Dreams”

LAFAYETTE, La. – Today, Jeff Landry released his fifth televised advertisement in his campaign for Governor of Louisiana. The ad highlights Jeff’s background and accomplishments as a former economic development director, business owner, and someone who has employed hundreds of Louisiana citizens. Jeff beat out Texas and brought government and industry together to bring economic growth to Louisiana. 

See the full ad here.

“Where once there were no jobs, now there’s growth and opportunity. 

A young man on a mission brought government and industry together and helped Louisiana beat Texas to win a fortune 500 company. 

That young man and future leader—Jeff Landry. 

Jeff’s work set in motion  an economic boom generating millions for safe streets and a better quality of life.”



In 1998, Jeff was selected as Executive Director of the St. Martin Parish Economic Development Authority (SMEDA). Landry successfully brought industry, the parish and state government and the community together to secure Baker Hughes, a Fortune 500 company, for the St. Martinville area. Today, because of Jeff’s work, the St. Martinville Industrial Park has grown to over ninety different companies. Over the past 20 years this project, created under Landry’s leadership, has generated over $100 million in tax revenues for the area—funding schools, roads, police and infrastructure improvements.  

In the late 90s, Baker Hughes operated multiple divisions across Louisiana and was moving towards shuttering them and relocating all operations to Texas as an efficiency measure.  Jeff Landry and the SMEDA team took immediate action and were able to create a package that bested any offer Texas had on the table and bring home a massive economic development win for Louisiana. “Baker Hughes had just about decided on a location in Texas,” said Dale Huval, a current member of SMEDA. “But the tremendous effort put forth by Jeff Landry, Governor Mike Foster and numerous other state and local leaders, they turned the deal around. Today the St. Martinville Industrial Park is an economic engine for the region.”


News quotes regarding the project:

“March groundbreaking for $25 million project. After two years of intense negotiations, construction plans for the Fortune 500 company’s St. Martin Parish consolidation have been released.”

Teche News, February 28, 1998

“Jeff worked many long hours and tiring days to accomplish the goals, and he did it with vision and dignity.” 

Fred Mills, SMEDA President, Teche News, November 18, 1998

“I didn’t realize how big an operation this was going to be,” 

Gov. Mike Foster, Teche News, April 22, 1998

“That was one of the reasons we settled in the area. Everybody pulled so hard from the governmental side on down, we felt these guys were really working with us.” 

Ed Howell, President of Baker Oil Tools, Teche News, July 1, 1998


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