A Fearless Champion of Our Values

Pro-Life and Pro-Family

Louisiana is proudly one of the most pro-life states in the nation, with over 70% of Louisianans supporting the rights of the unborn. Louisiana’s values are Jeff’s values, that’s why he has been an unwavering defender of life, especially in the face of adversity.

Jeff Landry is a fearless champion for Louisiana’s right-to-life laws and leads the national conversation to support the most vulnerable among us. In Congress, Jeff earned a 100% rating from National Right to Life. As our Attorney General, Jeff Landry has continued the vital work of protecting the unborn. 

In its landmark opinion, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry – overturning Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood. With authority on this issue returned to the state, Landry protected innocent lives by jumping into action and defending Louisiana law.

Protecting Our Communities

Law and Order

Sadly, crime has taken hold today while incompetent mayors and “woke” district attorneys are playing a dangerous game of “catch and release.” In New Orleans, people are scared to pump gas or walk to their cars. Our capital city has one of the highest murder rates in the nation. And other cities around our state aren’t far behind. Jeff believes every family deserves a safe neighborhood, and if those chosen to run these cities won’t protect their citizens, then real leaders need to step in.

Jeff Landry has dedicated his professional life to protecting Louisiana families from crime. Jeff worked through college as a police officer and sheriff’s deputy. While working in law enforcement, Jeff saw the best and the worst a community has to offer. With firsthand experience and a unique perspective on the complexities of how Louisiana law intersects with law enforcement, Jeff Landry has worked to protect the people of Louisiana.

As Attorney General, Jeff established the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation (LBI) within the Department of Justice. This new focus on fighting crime has helped the Louisiana Department of Justice apprehend criminals and assist other law enforcement agencies. Under Landry’s leadership, Louisiana is fighting against the surge of illegal immigration and working with federal officials to pursue fugitives and take criminals off the streets.

Expecting More From Our Education System

Putting Children First and Protecting Parents’ Rights

Raised in a middle-class St. Martinville family, Jeff Landry learned that quality education and hard work were the pathways to a better future. As loving parents, Jeff and his wife Sharon believe that protecting Louisiana’s children and preserving the integrity of their education is a top priority.

As the son of a school teacher, Jeff Landry is worried that 74% percent of Louisiana fourth graders can’t read as well as they should, and nearly 80% of our eighth graders can’t do basic math. Throwing more money at a broken system that lacks accountability is not the answer, and Jeff knows that parents are the most critical voices in a child’s education.

When faced with elementary school mask mandates and forced COVID vaccinations on school children, Jeff Landry stood strong, defending children and protecting parents’ rights from the “woke” mob.

Taking on Big-Government

Cutting Taxes and Red Tape

After starting a successful business with a friend, Jeff saw firsthand the impact of government regulations on local small businesses. That’s when he decided to go to law school to learn how to help job creators stand up to big government.

As a small business owner, Jeff Landry knows how heavy-handed regulation from Baton Rouge and Washington D.C. threatens Louisiana jobs and hurts our local small businesses. Jeff is fighting to create new jobs and provide additional training to Louisiana’s workers.

Jeff earned a 100% rating in Congress from America’s largest small business organization, the National Federation of Independent Business. As Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry has a proven record of standing up for Louisiana business owners to help them succeed in the face of big government. As Governor, Jeff will work to lower taxes for working families and cut job-killing red tape because he believes your family should keep more of your hard-earned money, not the government.

Supporting Louisiana Oil and Gas

Defending American Energy Independence

Jeff Landry grew up in the heart of the oil patch through the oil bust of the 80s, which turned middle-class families like his into families struggling to get by. Times were tough, but Louisiana always survives.

Today, the left wing’s radical anti-oil-and-gas agenda is killing Louisiana jobs, hurting Louisiana families, and driving our energy prices through the roof. Jeff Landry is fighting the Biden Administration to unleash Louisiana’s oil and gas production and bring back America’s energy independence.

Protecting Our Right to Protect Those We Love

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Jeff Landry is a defender of the Second Amendment and a tireless advocate for our constitutional right to bear arms. Jeff grew up hunting and fishing in South Louisiana, so he was raised to respect firearms and learned how to use them properly. 

During his military service and his career in law enforcement, he received countless hours of professional firearms training and education. This real-world experience enables Jeff to be an effective defender of our Constitutional Rights to protect ourselves and those we love.

In Congress and as Attorney General, Jeff Landry fought and won countless battles to defend our Second Amendment rights. Because Jeff understands these rights “shall not be infringed.”

Connecting Louisiana

Expanding Broadband Internet Access

The inability of our friends and neighbors to access the internet is a growing problem. Telehealth, telework, and online classes demand broadband expansion, and the pandemic made it even more urgent than ever to bridge the digital divide in underserved areas.

Forty-two percent of Louisiana families do not have high-speed internet access, and over 400,000 Louisiana families have no internet connection. As Governor, Jeff will make sure Louisianans without broadband access receive the same educational and work opportunities that those with high-speed internet already enjoy.

Prioritizing Hurricane Recovery

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Growing up in Louisiana, Jeff knows hurricanes aren’t a question of if, but when. During these dark, trying times, we see the best Louisiana has to offer. We see our communities band together, neighbors helping neighbors to clean up, dry out, and rebuild.

Far too often, the missing link in the recovery chain is predatory insurance companies, running Louisiana families around in circles and delaying our recovery. It’s been over a year since historic storms ravaged areas of south Louisiana and yet, our people still live under blue tarps. Jeff will work to hold these companies accountable and fight for Louisiana families.

Reforming Our Broken Systems

Modernizing Louisiana’s Outdated Constitution

Our state’s constitution has been amended hundreds of times in just over 45 years, with more than 13,000 words on how the state government should spend your money. The amendments include countless funding dedications that ensure every special interest gets their slice of your families’ hard-earned money. On taxes, the long list of amendments ties lawmakers’ hands making it difficult to make cuts.

Together, these hundreds of amendments prevent lawmakers from doing their constitutional duty. I know we can rise to the occasion and agree on much-needed revisions to set future generations on an economic path to success. While not all of Louisiana’s problems can be blamed on our state constitution, it clearly stands in the way of efforts to enact many crucial reforms Louisiana desperately needs.