A principled story of hard work and service to others.

St. Martinville, the small town Jeff called home, has a church at its heart. It’s where his parents taught Jeff and his siblings about faith, standing up for what you believe in, and caring for others. His mother was a school teacher, and his Dad was a small-town architect.

Jeff grew up through the oil bust of the 80s, which turned middle-class families like his into families struggling to get by. Times were tough. But they had faith, they had each other, and there was always room at the dinner table for a friend or neighbor in need.

His mother raised the Landry children to understand that quality education and hard work were the pathways to a better future. Jeff went to work right after high school in the sugar cane fields – and proudly joined the National Guard. Having joined the Louisiana Army National Guard while still in high school, Jeff Landry served his country and the people of Louisiana for eleven years. Over his decade-plus years of service, Jeff became a decorated veteran of Desert Storm. He also received the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, a National Defense Ribbon, and the Louisiana War Cross.

Understanding the importance of education, Jeff returned home after he fulfilled his commitment to our country and worked through college by continuing to serve others as a local police officer and sheriff’s deputy. Working in law enforcement, Jeff saw the best and the worst a community has to offer and worked every day to protect the most vulnerable.

After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he started his own oil and gas environmental service company. He also served as the executive director of the St. Martin Parish Economic Development Authority. During this time, Jeff heard from many local job creators that over-regulation from burdensome government officials imposes hefty costs upon small businesses across Louisiana.

That’s why Jeff decided to go to law school – to stand up for business owners and help them succeed in the face of big government. He took night classes and worked during the day until graduating from Loyola University in 2004.

From digging ditches to Desert Storm. From patrolling the beat to passing the bar exam. Jeff Landry walked in the shoes of people who struggle more than they should in a state as blessed as this one. 

But that life experience turned a regular guy, a political outsider involved in his community, into a national leader that shocked the Louisiana political establishment when he ran for and won a seat in Congress.

As a Congressman, Jeff Landry stood up for what we believe in and was named one of the top five most conservative members of Congress. Still, Jeff also cast more bi-partisan votes than any other member from Louisiana at that time because Jeff will always do what’s right – not what’s politically popular.

And as your Attorney General – that has not changed. Jeff Landry has worked tirelessly to stem the opioid crisis, prosecute welfare fraud, and restructure and reform the Department of Justice. Jeff battles every day to protect your Constitutional rights and successfully prosecute dangerous criminals that harm the good people of Louisiana’s quality of life.

Jeff embraced the responsibility to protect this state, her culture, her values, her people, and her children. During his time in office, Jeff Landry has helped reform Louisiana’s Department of Justice, which he leads. He created the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation to fight crime and the Louisiana Solicitor General’s office to handle major Litigation, including national cases that impact Louisiana as they made their way to the United States Supreme Court.

Whether in Washington D.C. or in Baton Rouge, he is a fearless advocate for the Constitution and a champion for the Louisiana he loves. Jeff Landry is running for Governor of Louisiana because he knows that we deserve a government as good as our people, and we’re not getting it.

He and his wife, Sharon, are raising their son, J.T., in Acadiana, just miles from where Jeff grew up.

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