Oil & Gas Workers Association Endorses Jeff Landry for Governor

Lafayette, La. — Today, Jeff Landry announced that he has received the endorsement of the Oil & Gas Workers Association. 

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Oil & Gas Workers Association. The oil and gas industry built Louisiana and keeps our economy moving. Standing up for Louisiana’s oil and gas industry, the jobs it creates, and the well-being of our families will be a top priority of mine as Governor,” said Jeff Landry

Matt Coday, President & Founder, Oil & Gas Workers Association issued the following statement:

“Our oil and gas jobs, economy, America’s energy independence, and our national security are under attack.”

“America’s Oil & Gas Workers need fighters in every state who will not back down to the Biden administration, extreme “environmentalists”, and federal agencies and courts weaponized against American workers and families.

“Jeff Landry understands USA oil and gas production funds roads, schools, hospitals, social programs, and our First Responders. As Attorney General, Jeff Landry has taken on the Biden administration to protect our oil and gas jobs and secure Louisiana’s economy.”

“With Jeff Landry as governor and a more business-friendly climate, Louisiana oil and gas jobs will power the nation and fuel the world.”

“Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Jeff Landry for Governor and encourages all Louisianans to support him with your vote on October 14.”



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