Landry Launches Second TV Ad: In Their Shoes

LAFAYETTE, La. — Today, Jeff Landry released his second televised advertisement in his campaign for Governor of Louisiana.  This is a seven-figure ad buy that will be broadcast statewide on tv, digital, and social media.  The ad highlights Landry’s small town background and the Louisiana values of hard work, family, and faith that were instilled in him at an early age. 

Watch the ad here.  

“My mother was a school teacher, my dad a small-town architect. Times were tough, but we had faith, and we had each other. 

Digging ditches in a sugarcane field, serving our country, working nights as an officer, raising a family—I have walked in the very shoes of the people who struggle way more than they should in a state as blessed as this one. 

We can have a state government that fixes problems and delivers solutions.”


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