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Landry’s Plan for Economic Development

Focus on the industries that built this state

Jeff Landry’s plan for bringing economic growth back to Louisiana starts by supporting the industries that have built Louisiana (oil and gas, agriculture, fisheries and timber) and making sure they have the tools they need to thrive and survive. We have the best oil and gas service industry workers in the world and unmatched natural resources. Now is the time to leverage that to turn this state around.

Jeff Landry will lead economic development for the state

Leaning on his record of success in the economic development space, Landry will work to aggressively attract new business ensuring that every effort is a coalition of industry, government, and community. We won’t lose great jobs to other states because we didn’t put our best foot forward to attract those businesses to our state.

Make LED customer focused

The Louisiana Department of Economic Development will be positioned to serve the businesses and industries already in Louisiana to ensure that they have the resources to thrive and continue to create good jobs for our people. For too long, we have focused only on bringing new businesses to the state. Let’s make sure we proactively take care of the businesses and industries already here.

Make our tax code competitive

As governor, Jeff Landry will launch a top-to-bottom examination of the Louisiana tax code with the end goal of making it more competitive with other states. He believes Louisiana should welcome investment and make it far simpler for job creators to invest in our state.

Workforce Development is key

Landry also recognizes that fixing Louisiana’s education system is a key component of job growth and ending Louisiana’s huge out-migration problem too. Landry’s mission is to align our education system with the needs of high-demand, good-paying jobs so that families can live, work and stay in Louisiana.