ICYMI: Richard Nelson Endorses Jeff Landry

LAFAYETTE, La. —Today,  Jeff Landry announced that he has received the endorsement of  Representative Richard Nelson in his race for Governor of Louisiana. Richard Nelson recently ended his bid for governor and in turn, put his support behind Jeff Landry. 

In his statement, Nelson said: 

“I ran for governor to improve the lives of the people of Louisiana, and we have been fortunate to travel to every corner of the state spreading the gospel of good government. While this was always going to be a difficult race, I am proud of the impact we made with the resources we had. I want to thank my supporters and especially my family for the sacrifices they have made on this journey.”


“My heart will always be committed to Louisiana, and that is why I am happy to support Attorney General Landry to be our next governor. I believe that Jeff has the commitment and the courage to bring the fundamental reforms we need in state government. Our people need good jobs, good schools, and good health, and Jeff is the best candidate for the job.”


Jeff Landry was honored to receive the endorsement saying:

“We are honored to have the endorsement of Representative Richard Nelson. These past few months have proven that Richard is deeply committed and passionate about improving our state and the lives of folks across Louisiana. He and I both understand this race is an opportunity to chart a new course for Louisiana, one where our children and grandchildren want to stay and build a future.  I look forward to continuing to unite folks across our state as we work to bring Louisiana a government as good as its people.”


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