Boysie Bollinger & Joe Canizaro Endorse Jeff Landry for Governor

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Lafayette, La. — Today, Jeff Landry announced he has secured the endorsement of Boysie Bollinger and Joe Canizaro in his race for Governor of Louisiana.

“It has been our honor to lead and work with various Republican efforts and candidates over the last several decades. Louisiana has made some great strides and elected some great leaders, but there is still so much to do. We both love and call Louisiana home, but have watched family and friends leave her behind to seek better opportunities elsewhere. The Gulf South is booming and primed to become a major hub of growth in our country. There is no reason why Louisiana can’t be a part of this boom; we just need a good team to get us there. This is why we both enthusiastically are supporting Jeff Landry for Governor,” said Bollinger and Canizaro.

“Jeff has worked hard and built a strong statewide organization of grassroots and GOTV efforts. He has and continues to vigorously raise the much needed funds this race will take putting us in the best position to elect the next conservative Governor. But past the election and what we think will be his victory; Jeff has the courage and determination to effect real reforms to turn our state around and start a rebirth of jobs, industries, and opportunities in Louisiana. Together with our congressional delegation and the state legislature, we have a great team and Jeff is the right person to lead us into a great future,” continued Bollinger and Canizaro.


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