Defending Election Integrity, Jeff Landry Calls for Repeal of Biden Executive Order

BATON ROUGE, LA – Jeff Landry is leading a 13-state coalition calling for Joe Biden to rescind his Executive Order 14019 which authorizes the executive branch to utilize all federal executive agencies’ power, resources, and reach to carry out voter registration and voter mobilization activities. The Landry coalition’s opposition is based in law, noting that […]

Jeff Landry Praises Victory for Louisiana Parents and Their Children

BATON ROUGE, LA – This year, parents and guardians stood together with Jeff Landry in opposition to the COVID-19 shot being required for their children to attend school. As a result of their coming together, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) decided to rescind the mandate for Louisiana students. As of yesterday, it has officially […]

Jeff Landry Warns Credit Card Companies Tracking Firearm Purchases

BATON ROUGE, LA – Jeff Landry and 19 of his colleagues are alerting the chief executive officers of three major credit card companies that the recent creation of a Merchant Category Code for the processing of firearms purchases from gun stores is potentially a violation of consumer protection and antitrust laws. In a letter sent […]

Jeff Landry Supports Legal Motion to End Crippling Consent Decree in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Jeff Landry has filed a legal brief supporting a motion to terminate the Consent Decree that has plagued New Orleans for nearly a decade. “While the Crescent City is rich in culture and tradition, it has devastatingly been under attack by rising crime fueled by the disastrous Consent Decree,” said Landry. […]

ESG Practices Conflicting with Law, Jeff Landry Issues Guidance to State Retirement Systems

BATON ROUGE, LA – Jeff Landry has issued legal guidance to Legislative leadership and the State retirement boards after a preliminary investigation showed that investment firms BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street may have violated its fiduciary duty of loyalty owed to their investor-clients in Louisiana. This guidance comes just weeks after Landry, along with 17 […]

Recreational Fishing in Louisiana Under Attack, Jeff Landry Fights Back

WASHINGTON, DC – Jeff Landry has filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit attempting to stifle recreational fishing in Louisiana. The lawsuit filed by commercial fishermen challenges a National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) rule that reallocates the Gulf red grouper quota from 24%/76% rec/commercial to 40.7%/59.3% rec/commercial. Landry has requested to intervene to defend […]