David Hammer writes misleading hit piece on Jeff Landry for purpose of election interference.

Statement from the campaign: "David Hammer is engaged in journalistic malpractice and is misleading the people of New Orleans through his clickbait stories. It is a shame WWL would allow their reporters to engage in election interference. Crime is ravaging the city of New Orleans, but all David Hammer seems to care about is writing a hit piece on Jeff Landry with flat-out misleading and distorted facts. This is shameful."

The Facts:

The Insurance Fraud Investigation Unit is comprised of the Louisiana Department of Insurance, the Louisiana State Police, and the Louisiana Department of Justice. Louisiana State Police makes every arrest for the Task Force; and when those arrests are made, the matters go to the local District Attorney who has original jurisdiction in criminal prosecutions. The Louisiana Department of Insurance made the Louisiana State Police (and the Louisiana Department of Justice) aware of their investigation. The Louisiana State Police is the lead. To date, the Louisiana State Police has not sent a criminal referral with an arrest to the Louisiana Department of Justice. Because the Attorney General does not have original jurisdiction to prosecute criminal cases, the Louisiana Department of Justice must wait for a referral and a valid recusal (or request for assistance) to move forward with this matter. David Hammer's source is the son of a former political opponent that Jeff Landry defeated.